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Can you paraphrase the formula given in View Camera? i have not seen that
article. I have all the Jolly articles on the subject.

I would bet a hundred bucks those "duotone solarizations" of Teske's were
chromos--unless he first did a warmtone sabattier (adding potassium bromide
to the second developing bath) and THEN double toned in strong selenium.
Those rusts are so rust...and look like Jolly's examples in Darkroom

We've gotten deep rusty yellows, pinky mauves, and a lovely bandaid fleshy
color I can send you offlist if you want to see it. But not the colors that
appear in the Lam article. That doesn't mean anything because I have not
had time to push the process.

I do have a couple students doing it for their final project this semester
so maybe they'll come up with more stuff. Jolly's "magenta" is not what I
call magenta, but then again maybe no one was using the right paper.

For instance, with the lumen prints the paper that was brilliant magenta was
forte polywarmtone rc and forte polywarmtone fiber.
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>I tried this process several years ago. Because of the current interest, I
>looked at a box of prints I had made and found copies of three articles
>which should be available in the back issues of the magazines. This may be
>a repeat of info already sent, but anyway---"The Black and White Corner
>Chromoskedasic Painting by Alan W. Bean" View Camera September/October
>1992; "Chromoskedasic Duotone Pseudosolarization Using Development Fogging"
>by William L. Jolly" Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques Nov/Dec 1992;
>"Chromoskedasic Painting by Dominc Man-Kit Lam and Bryan w. Rossiter"
>Scienific American November 1991.
> Alan Bean's article gives specific instructions. At the end of the
> article if says "For more information regarding this process, write to him
> at 90 Dexter Street, Attleboro, MA 02703." If he is still at that
> address, I think he'd be please to know that his article is still being
> saved.
> I only colors I was able to get were shades of rust and brown. Hope this
> helps. Grace
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