Re: Making Deckled Edges on Water Colour Paper

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Date: 11/28/05-05:55:58 PM Z
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I was off line for a couple of days so this is a late response.
I have a heavy steel straightedge that I made by grinding a varying and wavy
edge on one side and leaving the other side straight. I do the usual tear on
the straight edge and make a "deckle" effect with the wavy edge. There is no
perfect copy of a true deckle but the tear made with the wavy steel edge
looks much like the real thing.


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> Subject: Making Deckled Edges on Water Colour Paper
> Is there a way to closely reproduce that "torned-away" look the edges some
> heavier
> 22"X30" sheets of water-colour paper come from the factory with? I believe
> it's called a "deckled" edge.
> ~m
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