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On Nov 21, 2005, at 6:45 AM, Marek Matusz wrote:

> Juan,
> I use Daniel Smith for tricolor gums:
> Hansa Yellow medium (PY97),
> Thalo Blue and Quinacridone rose (PV19) are an excellent set of
> primary pigments for gum printing. Daniel Smith makes a number of
> magenta quinacridones made from PV 19 and gives them different names.
> I have tried maybe two of three, all equlally good.

  PV 19 is a bit confusing since there are two pigments designated under
that number: PV 19 gamma, called commonly quinacridone rose, and PV 19
beta, called quinacridone violet. Daniel Smith markets two paints made
from PV 19 gamma: "quinacridone rose" and "quinacridone red."
"quinacridone rose" is lighter and slightly bluer than "quinacridone
red" but they are otherwise very similar in hue. Daniel Smith also
markets a PV 19 beta under the correct name "quinacridone violet." I
wouldn't personally recommend the PV 19 beta for tricolor, as it's
definitely a blue-violet, not what I would call a magenta at all. Or
at least for anyone who is interested in somewhat realistic color, I
wouldn't recommend the PV 19 beta.
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