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 Hi Joe, I also was using Clerc's Gold Toner with Vandykes and never
experienced bleaching in the toner (toning begore fixing). Also the color
was warm - gray/black (in the beginning) and almost neutral gray black (in
the end). Maybe you added too much Gold Chloride; IIRC, the formula calls
slightly more thiourea than Gold Chloride (both as solutions). There should
be a reason for that. Please share your experience with fresh toner. BTW,
I'm using KAuCl2 not AuCl3 in the formula (adjusting KAuCl2 weight according
the gram molecule weight difference) because is obtainable for a reasonable
price here in Istanbul (we have many gold platers around Grand Bazaar).


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...there was some bleaching with the gold toner that I had never noted
before when I tone after fixing. The resultant color of the gold-toned
print was almost purple rather than a purplish-brown. (Could be that added
efficiency you speak to but I should also mention that I kicked the toner up
a notch with additional gold chloride since a student had previously
reported the toner was exhausting and taking a long time to work. I didn't
mix fresh toner nor test it before I pumped it up because school was closing
early for the Thanksgiving holiday and I had a limited time to test this
stuff.) When I return to work Monday I plan to mix fresh toning chemistry
and run several tests including the effects of Polytoner at different
dilutions, KRST at 1+500 as suggested over at, and Clerc's toner
mixed fresh. I'll do the tests against a control untreated VDB and also
test the effects of the previous when applied before and after fixing...
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