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Agreed. Also, it would a lot easier to argue "fair use" in this case if you
only reprinted the section of interest. Wiley & Sons is still very much in
business as a publisher although the Kosar book looks to be out of print.


Yves Gauvreau wrote:
> Excellent idea Katharine, I'd feel much better having permission to
> copy even if it's only part of it. If Kosar is not alive I'm sure
> someone could get in tuch with the publisher and from there one could
> find out who to contact.
> I'd be curious to know if major universities wouldn't have a copy of
> this book around??? But from what many of you said I wouldn't spent
> to much time on this, what's relevent to gum printing seems to be
> marginal at best.
> Yves
> PS. many people think copying stuff is a very minor thing until
> someone copies their stuff, then they think it's a major major
> offense....
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>> On Nov 24, 2005, at 4:42 AM, MARTINM wrote:
>>> Being active in a somewhat different area (
>>> mainly, I don't quite feel qualified to answer your question. I
>>> assume Kosar would be
>>> a good starting point. "Kosar" would imply not only his book but
>>> both the
>>> literature he quotes from and the patents he refers to.
>>> By the way I scanned the whole book to my computer (resulting in a
>>> slightly
>>> messed up pagination). So I might be in the position to send out the
>>> whole
>>> thing to those interested. That would be two multi-paged TIF files
>>> (5.8MB
>>> and 4.6MB large)...
>> Actually, the chapter on dichromated colloids is probably the only
>> part that would be useful to folks here.
>> I'm ambivalent about the copying and share Yves' concern about
>> copyright but at the same time, if the book has become so hard to
>> find that it has become for all intents and purposes unavailable to
>> most alt photo workers, then it sort of makes sense too. The book is
>> 40 years old, so the copyright is still in effect. Does anyone know
>> if Kosar is still around; could he be contacted for permission to
>> copy? Katharine
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