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The article was written in Scientific American, Nov 1991, called
Chromoskedasic Painting.

It is similar to POP printing with regular BW paper, Jerry Burchfield's
lumen prints, and I have it in my Experimental Workbook under Sabattier
(chromoskedasic sabattier), under POP, under Painting with Light....

Another place i found it mentioned in research was in Blacklow's text, under
the heading "Chromoskedasic Painting" i think it was.

I would search list archives about POP, and these words.

Ohhh, also a number of articles addressing this by Jolly in Photo Techniques
or whatever the mag used to be called (Darkroom Techniques or Camera and

There are two methods: one is based on the principle of exposing paper to
light without development, but with fixing, and it is a fascinating process.

Lam's method is using chemicals with the process and is the true
chromoskedasic, usually SII and S30 activator and stabilizers. Burchfield's
process just uses light and lots of it, with the added chemistry only being
from the plants exudings. Lam's article in Sci Am does NOT divulge his
secrets. But check Jolly out (and chromoskedasic) online and you will find
current practitioners and advice.

Have fun! Chris

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Well, Michael (my brother) got back from the Heard Museum and gave me some
more details. The artist/biologist is Dominic Man-Kit Lam, and the process
is called chromoskedasic painting. Does anyone know of a site with examples
of his other others' work in this medium or other information regarding the
process? All I have found so far is referenced to a book of images he had

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Thank you, Loris! That was exactly what I needed.

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It was named "lumen prints". Also with "lithprinting" you can get colors (in
the same image) with B/W papers.


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A short while back, there was a long discussion on the list about a process
that used old B/W paper to make wonderfully colored images. My brother, who
is visiting for the holiday, mentioned knowing a fellow biologist who
stumbled across such a process a number of years ago in his lab, and I
wanted to show him some examples to see if it was the same thing.
Unfortunately, I can't find any of the old e-mails in my inbox or sites
among my saved favorites (or even remember what the process was being

Could someone point me to a Website with examples of this type of work or
perhaps an article in one of the photography rags (I have a good collection
of View Camera, if that helps)?


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