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Well, Michael (my brother) got back from the Heard Museum and gave me some
more details. The artist/biologist is Dominic Man-Kit Lam, and the process
is called chromoskedasic painting. Does anyone know of a site with examples
of his other others' work in this medium or other information regarding the
process? All I have found so far is referenced to a book of images he had

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Thank you, Loris! That was exactly what I needed.

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It was named "lumen prints". Also with "lithprinting" you can get colors (in
the same image) with B/W papers.


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A short while back, there was a long discussion on the list about a process
that used old B/W paper to make wonderfully colored images. My brother, who
is visiting for the holiday, mentioned knowing a fellow biologist who
stumbled across such a process a number of years ago in his lab, and I
wanted to show him some examples to see if it was the same thing.
Unfortunately, I can't find any of the old e-mails in my inbox or sites
among my saved favorites (or even remember what the process was being

Could someone point me to a Website with examples of this type of work or
perhaps an article in one of the photography rags (I have a good collection
of View Camera, if that helps)?


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