update on washing/developing cyanotypes

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Date: 11/16/05-09:06:13 PM Z
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    Well, whatever it was that made my two supposedly identical prints
different yesterday was not, apparently, differing wash times.
    Today I made a print and washed, peroxided, rewashed one half at
substantially less time than I normally do. The other half I did at
substantially more time than I normally do.
    I have to look very closely to detect any difference and what I do see
is pretty small.
    Next best guess is that I was careless with my dial settings on the
timer. My timer was made back when I needed times on the order of 10 to 20
minutes--three minutes is pretty low on the dial and maybe (probably) I set
it a smidgen high on one exposure, a smidgen low on the other.
    Look for further information if a new timer set for precision in the
shorter times fails to deliver consistent prints.
Charles, Portland OR
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