Re: washing/developing cyanotypes

From: Kai Hamann ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/28/05-01:08:28 PM Z
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Hello Kate,

>And to add to this: does anyone else control the temperature of the initial wash? I find that if I don't use quite warm water (verging on hot) the yellow staining can be much more persistent in prints and becomes permanent if I wash in cold water.<

I use water as hot as it comes out of the tap for developing very often. The shortest wash times I have doing this are about 5 minutes which is pretty cool when printing series.

>I don't control the time, charles, but I think that cyanotype can be very sensitive to over washing - I have had students leave cyan overnight by mistake and in the morning the print was yellow, not blue!<

Well, it seems that your water is a bit alkaline and the cyanotype is bleached. Simply add some acid to the water to make it slightly acidic -- or tone the bleached cyanotype with tannic/gallic acid.

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