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I've got it!!!!
Hoe s
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> Actually I think the confusion could be eliminated by simple
> punctuation. I'm reading the phrase "tricolor gum over cyanotype" as
> "tricolor gum, over cyanotype" which to be accurate would need four
> layers. But since what you really mean is a tricolor print of which one
> layer is cyanotype, the label could read "Tricolor -- gum over
> cyanotype" or even "Tricolor Print -- gum over cyanotype" which would
> read unambiguously without adding much verbiage. Just a suggestion,
> Katharine
> On Nov 14, 2005, at 8:12 AM, Katharine Thayer wrote:
>> On Nov 14, 2005, at 6:13 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>>>> The gum images are labeled as "Tricolor Gum Over Cyanotypes." I
>>>> think
>>>> Chris later explained that these are duocolor gums over cyanotype, in
>>>> other words the cyanotype is used as the cyan layer of the "tricolor
>>>> gum,"
>>>> which makes them of course *not* tricolor gums, except for
>>>> "Vanity,
>>>> Vanity." But to my eye, many of these images also have a black
>>>> layer,
>>>> easily distinguishable from the cyanotype or blue layer.
>>> Katharine and David,
>>> A couple clarifications.
>>> They are"Tricolor"--three colors.
>>> I could call them Tricolor **Prints** made from gum over cyanotype
>>> but that
>>> is pretty wordy and most people could give a rip. I figured most
>>> people
>>> realize that saying "Tricolor Gum Over Cyanotype" indicates that
>>> there is a
>>> layer of cyanotype in there. I label one Tricolor Gum and the other
>>> Tricolor Gum over Cyanotype--seems pretty straightforward to me.
>>> But then if I print an extra layer of a different gum color does that
>>> qualify as a Quadcolor?
>> David and Chris,
>> I think the confusion here comes from the fact that the phrase
>> "Tricolor Gum" has a specific meaning to most gum printers who've been
>> around a while; it means CMY printed in gum using color separations.
>> When I label a print "tricolor gum" and when Livick labels a print
>> "tricolor gum," for a couple of examples, this is what we mean. I
>> understand the way you're using the phrase, but I think it's confusing
>> to anyone who has understood the phrase in the established sense and
>> might be confusing to curators, for example, when your work is held in
>> museums. And if you used four different colors to make a print, you
>> could call it whatever you like (my personal terminology for something
>> like that is "multiple gum bichromate" or just "gum bichromate") but
>> "tricolor gum" is reserved for a particular kind of gum print.
>> I was tired last night; forgive me for seeing black where there was no
>> black. It looked to me that there was a black layer that was
>> distinguishable from all the other layers but obviously my eyes were
>> playing tricks on me.
>> Katharine
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