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Hi Christina,

Sorry. I was only like, joking. You don't need to explain anything to me
I'm just a journeyman here you're the Diva :). I was only saying that if
you used 3 colours + cyanotype layer, is that tricolour gum over
cyanotype. No offence intended


David H.

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> The gum images are labeled as "Tricolor Gum Over Cyanotypes." I think
>> Chris later explained that these are duocolor gums over cyanotype, in
>> other words the cyanotype is used as the cyan layer of the "tricolor
>> gum,"
>> which makes them of course *not* tricolor gums, except for "Vanity,
>> Vanity." But to my eye, many of these images also have a black layer,
>> easily distinguishable from the cyanotype or blue layer.
> Katharine and David,
> A couple clarifications.
> They are"Tricolor"--three colors.
> I could call them Tricolor **Prints** made from gum over cyanotype but that
> is pretty wordy and most people could give a rip. I figured most people
> realize that saying "Tricolor Gum Over Cyanotype" indicates that there is a
> layer of cyanotype in there. I label one Tricolor Gum and the other
> Tricolor Gum over Cyanotype--seems pretty straightforward to me.
> But then if I print an extra layer of a different gum color does that
> qualify as a Quadcolor?
> Maybe you could come up with a correct term like crosslinking for us.
> There is no black layer. I don't use black. I print the cyan layer first
> with the red negative, the yellow layer next with the blue negative, and
> the
> magenta layer last with the green negative. I don't use CMYK but RGB,
> but I
> guess you could say I print CYM.
> The black that you see is the combination of the three layers over top one
> another. Where it is not black, but lighter blue, is where there is just
> the cyanotype layer on the outskirts of the image and I have not brushed
> gum
> on top.
> If I print straight gum I print the cyan first with thalo blue.
> Hope this helps clarify it for you.
> Bye!
> Chris
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