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> I already considered myself a very modest gum printer: I sensitze only1
> sheet (4*5 or 8*10) at a time, and you do 6-8 sheets a time (so making my
> gum printing efforts almost minute..;-)..), so I wonder: do you see
> differences between these sheets? I understood that the drying time of a
> gum sheet is also a variable, and there must be a considerable difference
> between these sheets before you can expose them. Or do you use more UV
> printers or you work with differnt negatives at the same time, or..
> thanks,
> Cor
You're right--by the 6-8 sheet the layer is more hardy, but it just requires
longer development. I find if I do 2-3 at once there is not much
discernible difference.

This used to plague me when doing my MFA; in the morning I'd get up and
print a layer on 6-8, and invariably the last two would have to end up
laying in my bathtub developing, taking longer than estimated, til I got
home at night, far too long a development but it was fine as long as I
didn't touch the surface in any way. But I'm talking a difference of let's
say 1/2 hr drying time for the first sheet and by the 8th sheet it would've
been 1 1/2 hours.

Here in MT it is so frikkin dry (25% humidity) that I might not have such a
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