Re: gum/dichromate ratios

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Date: 11/11/05-07:59:32 PM Z
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> If you start with a commercial gum arabic, it stays essentially the same
> forever. But how do you "mix up a batch" that you don't use all of? Unless
> you mix the same batch for every size print? I have graduates and looong
> droppers... know how much solution I need to cover x amount of paper and
> only mix that much. Actually I figure you do that even more
> scientifically... so,..... hunh? Judy

I usually mix 4 tsp solution for a certain number of prints, or 8 tsp for a
certain number of prints. That means, gum/pigment/dichromate. I always mix
a little extra because there's nothing more frustrating than running out of
the mix in the middle of a large print. So usually, 2-3 11x17's will be 4
tsp, and 6-8 I mix up 8 tsp. Sometimes with the 6-8 number I'm scraping the
bottom of the cup pretty drastically :)

I actually have this system pretty simplified--I use the same old teaspoon
measure, and know that 2 squirts of my dichromate eyedropper is a quarter
tsp. And, all my pigments are premixed in gum.

I'm so excited; this weekend I'm holing up and gum printing with 8 new
prints! Anything to get my mind off the fact that I came home tonight and
the construction crew that is re-siding my house just replaced the front
door and there's NO door knob and NO lock. And it's the weekend. Hmmm.
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