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Date: 11/11/05-02:37:13 PM Z
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On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> Rather than mix chunks of gum with water, why not use a gum arabic
>> solution?
>> It's readily available from any well stocked dealer that carries printing
>> supplies. A one gallon jug will last for many years of gum printing.
>> Dave in Wyoming
> Well, in my book a one gallon jug lasts only 256 prints :) when you account
> for several layers and the fact that you mix up a batch and don't use it all.

If you start with a commercial gum arabic, it stays essentially the same
forever. But how do you "mix up a batch" that you don't use all of?
Unless you mix the same batch for every size print? I have graduates and
looong droppers... know how much solution I need to cover x amount of
paper and only mix that much. Actually I figure you do that even more
scientifically... so,..... hunh?

> I was shocked when Paul Anderson, author Judy talks of as being the gum
> authority of the 30's (NOT) said in one of his books that gum doesn't go
> bad and that he had a gallon of the stuff that was 18 yr old and still
> good. I thought to myself, in grad school I went through twice that
> much...obviously Anderson wasn't an ubergummist.

Yes, I have some that's 20 years old. I find that different gums have
different speeds (probably the preservative, or maybe the location of the
trees) & can switch gums accordingly. As for Anderson -- even a stopped
clock is right twice a day.

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