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I sign, title, and date my work in pencil on the back of the print. The date
the image was made is noted in the title, and the date the image was printed
and toned is also noted. I note everything I do to each individual print as
its printed and then toned. Much of this information in a code of sorts -
although if you're a photographer it wouldn't be too tough to decipher.
Further, it's often noted on the back where that print has been exhibited.

As each print is one-of-a-kind I can side-step the issue of editioning (I
think it's a farce, anyway). But, I do note in a journal all the technical
info when a print is sold - along with the purchaser's vitals as well, of
course. That information is also in a searchable data base on my computer -
which has been a valuable resource.

I mount my prints with archival corners (and an overmat) on museum board. I
choose to not have any signature etc visible with the finished matted print.
I feel it's distracting.

Good luck puzzling out your own procedures!

Tenants Harbor, Maine

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> Where do people sign their work? Can someone give me the low-down on how I
> should sign and label a final print once it goes out the door? On
> the front,
> back, left corner, right corner. Is there a "standard"? Do I put
> the date on
> it? If the work has a title where does that go?
> ~m
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