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what do you all think of this....

a lot of my prints get mounted to odd surfaces, so there is no back of the paper, and the surface it's mounted to acts as the 'matt' and 'frame' i have taken to engraving my signature on the wood, metal, what have you on the right underneath the image, and on the back in permanent marker will be print information....does anyone feel this is unacceptable? will archivists look upon this in horror? :)


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>Hi Michael,
>I prefer to sign with a medium hard pencil on the back with title, signature, date. But if it complements the print I donīt hesitate to sign on the front under the image. And I began to blindstamp all good prints -- including those made for other photographers -- with my printers mark outside the image area in the lower left corner of the sheet. People love it and it is nice to leave a proof of origin on all pictures I like.
>Have a nice day
> Kai
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