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Date: 11/09/05-02:04:27 AM Z
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Canson Montval is pretty nice for Cyanotypes - deep blues and nice
color. I used both 200 and 300 gr/sqm cold pressed with classic
cyanotype formula, I like the 200gr version better, you don't need extra
sizing with that paper. The only problem - in my environment - was
occasional staining of highlights (due to bleeding and so called "blue
water"). (Rinse the print face down before the first water wash, agitate
vigorously and renew wash water very often... this seems to solve the
problem for me.)


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Do you have a recomendation for a decent quality student-grade paper? I
was looking at 90# and 140# Canson Montoval. Are those acceptable? (Do I
need to think about things like paper sizing?) I've followed the paper
thread (sort of) just enough to know there are an amazing number of
things in the world that I've never even paid the least bit of attention
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