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I'm in the final stages of assembling supplies for my cyanotype class (!)

The chemistry teacher and I are meeting next week to do a run-through to see how the process works, and I'm pretty jazzed.

Minnesota has a really great cyanotype collection - the Bosse prints -- here in town, and that should be a fun field trip.

Here's a (hopefully) quick question:
I was out looking at paper stock today... Though the guy I was talking to used to be a photographer, and he's their guy when it comes to real questions about paper, he was pretty clueless about what to recommend for my students.

I'm obviously NOT about to spend megabucks on Aquarelle or some other high-end paper so they can do their first cyanos.... At the same time, I don't want to make them work on used newsprint.

Do you have a recomendation for a decent quality student-grade paper? I was looking at 90# and 140# Canson Montoval. Are those acceptable? (Do I need to think about things like paper sizing?) I've followed the paper thread (sort of) just enough to know there are an amazing number of things in the world that I've never even paid the least bit of attention to...

Thanks for all your help with this project!

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