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Date: 11/07/05-11:38:28 AM Z
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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
  RGB mode in Photoshop and then fill with my
> color of choice in a particular way that does not print any other
> color.


See that's my point. RGB prints CMYK not CMY. When you colourise the neg
it is in RGB. When it is printed, even if it's a single colour on the
screen, to make the conversion, elements of other colours may be
included by the printer driver to achieve that colour (maybe some K).
These colour elements may not be combined linearly across say a red,
negative causing 'invisible' variations of light transmissive colour. It
may not therefore be possible to print(ever) the full tonal value of a
colour layer in one exposure.

I know what I'm trying to say but I think I'm ill equipped to express
myself adequately.


David H
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