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            Here are some observations about coating classic cyano. I have
always used a very soft foam brush and mixed 2 parts of A to 1 part of B.
Good D-max and nice tones (see “Blues in Paradise” on my website). I use
Arches Aquarelle hot press almost exclusively for cyano.
Just for kicks I tried coating using a new, unused, hake brush, same mix,
same paper, same negative, same everything. The three separate tests I did
all had a very grainy look. I then coated with the foam brush, again same
everything, and got a lovely smooth image as I always do with the foam
brush. All done on the same day.
I don’t know enough about the process to suggest why but the results are
amazingly different and all factors except the brushes are the same. Go
Well, for cyanos, it will always be foam brushes for me!

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