Canson Fonteney and gum printing

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Date: 11/07/05-06:14:38 AM Z
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In the past I did some modest gum printing on Canson Fonteny, I use the smooth (back?) side not the rough textured side, and I have been quite happy with the results.

Recently I bought a few sheets to make some gum prints, but this time I ran into a problem: After 4 coats the texture of the paper started to "raise"(for lack of a better description, as if the paper is showing through te gum layer), obscuring details in esp. the shadow regions. Can't say that I like that effect.

AFAIK I did not coat too violent with the foam brush, and I assume that it's perhaps inherent to the newer batch I bought (one thing to check though is that there seems to be 2 different versions of of Fonteney: coarse and fine grain, perhaps that can explain why I did not see this effect in the past).

I did not pre-shrink and size (these are 4*5 only), but would adding a extra gelatine size reduce this effect?



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