Re: er.. yeah. cf card woes.

From: Adam.Waterson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/06/05-05:13:25 PM Z
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tee hee. thanks. i bet i woulda figured that out if i hadn't
immediately turned to you guys for the answer.

On Nov 6, 2005, at 5:59 PM, A. E. Graves wrote:

> Hi, Adam,
> The easiest thing to do is to put the card in your camera and choose
> the "reformat" option. That can solve many problems, including
> oddball directories that different devices or cameras add, and images
> which refuse to be deleted. It wipes the card clean, and puts only
> what the camera can recognize for it to work back.
> Elizabeth
> Adam.Waterson wrote:
>> Hey Hi -
>> Been a while. The internet was down for a month here, so I couldn't
>> freak out on everyone once I got my Epson 2400. I had no clue what
>> on earth to do, but after 6 days of getting my hands dirty I got a
>> good print. I know I could do a little more to perfect it, but
>> now... GAH, I've done the unspeakable. I erased something that my CF
>> card needs to tell the camera how many pictures. Hehe, I wanted to
>> empty out the camera, and didn't think it'd hurt to do it from the
>> computer. Put it back in, said that there was a full CF card. So
>> apparently I've gone and messed it all up again. Who knows what I
>> did, and how to fix it? I checked in my recycle bin and it wasn't
>> there. Why? I haven't emptied my bin in a while, and i just did this
>> today.
>> So yeah, what do i do?
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