Re: er.. yeah. cf card woes.

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Date: 11/06/05-04:59:12 PM Z
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Hi, Adam,

The easiest thing to do is to put the card in your camera and choose the
"reformat" option. That can solve many problems, including oddball
directories that different devices or cameras add, and images which
refuse to be deleted. It wipes the card clean, and puts only what the
camera can recognize for it to work back.


Adam.Waterson wrote:

> Hey Hi -
> Been a while. The internet was down for a month here, so I couldn't
> freak out on everyone once I got my Epson 2400. I had no clue what on
> earth to do, but after 6 days of getting my hands dirty I got a good
> print. I know I could do a little more to perfect it, but now... GAH,
> I've done the unspeakable. I erased something that my CF card needs
> to tell the camera how many pictures. Hehe, I wanted to empty out the
> camera, and didn't think it'd hurt to do it from the computer. Put it
> back in, said that there was a full CF card. So apparently I've gone
> and messed it all up again. Who knows what I did, and how to fix it?
> I checked in my recycle bin and it wasn't there. Why? I haven't
> emptied my bin in a while, and i just did this today.
> So yeah, what do i do?
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