Re: Canon inks for digital negatives

From: Kai Hamann ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/05/05-12:36:55 PM Z
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Hi Kåre,

I use the S9000 too and had problems to get the desired density. But Canon builds printers that fetch up the paper much more precise than printers of other companies. So I print two layers on one sheet of foil in registration and the density adds up. Doing this has a second benefit. If one layer is printed with full density and the other ending with a 95% gray instead of black, the dot pattern is different and the print quality improves.

It needs a bit training to feed the foil precisely in the in the paper tray in the beginning. If you put a stack of paper in the tray and let the foil fall down on the rail the stack stands on you will get good results with some practice. The stack is important because the slider moving the paper stack has not to be moved very far until the roller of the intake grabs up the foil.

All the best
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