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Date: 11/05/05-11:48:44 AM Z
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You may not have any options at all with the
Canon 9000. I tested that printer some while back
and could not get enough UV transmitted density
from it with any of the colors. If you want to
make digital negatives I would suggest an Epson
1280, 2200 or 2400.


>I have tried to use digital negatives for argyrotypes and gum prints. Terrible
>results, although I just love Mark Nelsons e-book that describe his Precision
>Digital Negative system. Because of it I have finally got around to learn some
>PS. Thank you Mark!
>I have posted a scan of a test:
>This is a test using Mike Wares Argyrotype chemistry
>(, some Saunders paper, Mark Nelsons CDR
>Palette printed on Pictorico OHP using a Canon
>9000s equiped with Canon inks. A
>Stouffer 21-step wedge was partly covered by the Pictorico film during
>>From this and other tests, I have understod that the Canon inks does not have
>the UV-density that is required for making digital negatives for alt
>As I’d rather hold on to my Canon 9000s, the question to the list is:
>What inks can I use that will work in my 9000s and for making digital negs?
>Will a set of grayscale inks do the job?
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