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Date: 11/04/05-10:53:03 AM Z
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Hi Hank,

I don't know really. They don't specify the constituents. This is a
quote fom their site:-

"The digital generation of artistic expression now has an Arches to call
its own: ArchesŪ Infinity. This 100% cotton mould-made paper features a
*proprietary coating* designed for fine art photography and print making
with pigment or dye-based inks on inkjet printers. Arches Infinity is
available in both large and small format sizes.

Importantly, the paper beneath the coating is the celebrated Arches cold
press (textured) or hot press (smooth), so the distinctive textures,
pleasing hand and aesthetic beauty are retained. For discriminating
artists, collectors, and print makers, now there are just two categories
of digital fine art paper: Arches Infinity and everything else."

Lotus View Camera used to sell a coating solution by the bottle but not
now alas..


David H
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