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Date: 11/02/05-06:16:11 PM Z
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Subject: OT info on Ultrapan film needed

>A friend found 3 rolls of Ultrapan film exposed 60 years
>ago. Does anyone have suggestion on developing them? Please
>contact me off-list if you do. Thanks!
> Sam Wang
    Greg at Film Rescue specializes in processing old film.
I don't know exactly what he does because its proprietary
but there is mention in the literature of using very active
caustic activated developers, like Kodak D-8, at very low
temperatures, I have no further data. Greg told me he has
more success with roll film than any other type and
speculates it is because its usually pretty tightly wound
protecting the surfaces from air.
    If this is Agfa Ultra Speed Pan it was Agfa's fastest
film in the 1940's, about ISO-250.
    The developing charts for Agfa/Ansco 17, which is
similar, but not identical to D-76, gives development times
of 8.5 minutes @ 68F for a gamma of 0.55 and 12 minutes @
68F for a gamma of 0.70.
    Do not add bromide when developing old exposed film
because anti-foggants may destroy some of the remaining
latent image.
    If the cassett or roll has the Agfa trademark rather
than Ansco it was made before 1944.

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