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Date: 11/02/05-02:39:21 PM Z
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You have R.K.Burt and Co., ( They are in London
and sell Arches, Fabriano, Hahnemühle, the lot.

Lawrence Art Supplies also sell Arches: ( They
have an online shop.

I cannot find any 'Bright White Hot Press' paper in their online catalogs,
however. Lawrence sell something called 'Arches Blanc', that is, white, in
several weights, no mention whether it is cold or hot press.

Perhaps it is a trade name used only in the States and in Canada? Curry's
in Canada sell a 'Arches Blanc Brillant' : but I
cannot find references to this paper in Europe.

You'd better ask this Purcell, anyway. They will know. Perhaps you could
post whatever they tell you?

I have been also intrigued by this paper and could not find it. Seems that
they are producing it since 2000, but it is nowhere to be seen in the
Arches France catalogs. At least the online ones.

For the time being, I'll stick to Fabriano :-)


At 20:44 02/11/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Tom,
>Yes thanks for that. They (Purcell) only show Arches Aquarelle on their
>website however. I'll shoot 'em an e-mail. I can't find a single retailer
>David H
>(Roast Beef)
>Tom Sobota wrote:
>>The Arches site in France
>>mentions only one distributor in UK:
>>15 Rumsey Road
>>Tel : 00 44 71 737 51 99
>>Fax : 00 44 71 737 67 35
>>Perhaps you could ask there.
>>Regards from an ... ahem ... Continental European?
>>At 17:09 02/11/2005, you wrote:
>>>Katharine Thayer wrote:
>>>It's the Arches
>>> > Bright White Hot Press that I am presently using and really really love
>>>Hi Katherine,
>>>It looks like one of those US/UK things. I've scoured the internet
>>>looking for a supplier of Arches bright white in the UK. No luck. Can't
>>>find any anywhere.
>>>Any European or British printers know of a source?
>>>David H
>>>(the Euro/Brit thing is a joke :)
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