FW: How to super harden papers?

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John Cremati wrote "I think you might find a copy of "Photographic
Emulsions for Idiots" at your local Well Mart..... They will be in
the Toxic Chemical Section between Toys and Sporting Goods........

** scratches chin **

Now I'm dumb as a post but I'm beginning to walk in circles . . . .

BTW: The blackout material is a drapery product from Roc-lon (not
Rockland). RocLon's web site is

Rockland is the maker of Ag Plus emulsion and tintype developer that I
have been using for tintypes. There's a sample of my tintypes at
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/calamityjanecanary/Tintype2.jpg I
apologize for the subject matter but I couldn't find any victims, I mean
subjects on Easter Sunday - everybody else was off gettin stuffed!

Calamity Jane
hard at werk at the power company,
keepin the lights on ;-)
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