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Date: 03/22/05-08:54:14 AM Z
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They are authentic in a way, just very late restrikes from well worn plates
as I recall. I have two Basdan re-strikes of very small prints, Flight from
Egypt and a full face portrait, not much larger than a postage stamp.
Melody bought them in an antique store for a dollar a piece in the 60's.
They do have some value. I found this Basan re-strike for $8500.00,
Baptisim of the Eunuch at:

A history of the plates can be found at:

I think the gallery selling the prints is not quite up front about what the
editions are and that is more to the point.

I've been critical in the past about the sometimes underhanded practice of
editioning photographic prints. Good for galleries and bad for artists,
young ones especially. Friday I attended an opening for Paul Caponigro at
Andrew Smith. Paul was enjoying himself as much as Paul can. Some works
going for $12,000.00 and up and not limited. The "apple" is still going for
$2500.00 in I believe a 5x7 image. How many has he sold in his lifetime?
1000, 2000, more? Probably. Add it up. Then think about it if he had
limited to 25.


At 06:00 AM 3/22/2005, you wrote:
>>I also want to mention that Dusan Stulik will be doing a session at APIS
>>this year. Normally we don't repeat speakers but since Dr. Stulik is the
>>Chief Scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute I figured we cut him
>>a little slack.<grin> I've even given him carte blanche on what ever he
>>wants to talk about. I was tickled last time when he pointed out that
>>several Stieglitz's at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum listed as platinum had
>>plate marks on them and were actually copper gravures. Love a man that
>>speaks his mind.
>>--Dick Sullivan
>Dusan also pointed out that the Rembrandt etchings (I think it was) at
>this one gallery in Santa Fe were not authentic.
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