Re: How to super harden papers?

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Date: 03/29/05-05:23:06 PM Z
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> John Cremati wrote "I got all my information out of " Photographic
> Emulsions for Idiots"

> You pullin my leg fella? IS there such a book?

> (I HATE bein a "newbie"!)

> Calamity Jane

Hi Calamity!
         Will wonders never cease? I just recently mentioned your name on
the Alt list! .... One list member ( who must have just finished
"Photographic Emulsions for Idiots")
wants to
make a tent out of dark cloth so he can do wet plate and go
camping ! .................. I told him about the fabulous ":Rockand "
block out fabric
sample that you had sent me... It would be great stuff to make a tent
out of and the information was
well received....the tread evolved as to other
list members had other uses for the fabric as well .

       I think you might find a copy of "Photographic Emulsions for Idiots"
at your local Well Mart..... They will be in the Toxic Chemical Section
between Toys and Sporting Goods........

Welcome !

John Cremati
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