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Date: 03/29/05-07:17:58 AM Z
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Hello all;
I bought a little flip up scale that drug dealers quite attractive as it
folds in your palm. It is called a Palm Scale- absolutely beautiful,
complete with spoon and measures up to 250 grams, ounces if you like.
Like all things beautiful, it was very expensive- 150-200 CAN. Go for the
best and never wish you had the cheapest. BTW- it has 2 scale pans...
Good luck,
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> I've had a little Japanese scale, most likely brought here in the early
> 1950's and it can handle about 75 grams at the max is you're weighing
> something like sodium thiosulfate crystals but if it's hydroquinone you
> could never get that mass on the cup. My words are but a digression for
> I love this small scale that I have used now for forty years. I'd think
> your choice would work as well. There is something about a scale I find
> wonderful in relation to the joy of photography. Many years ago, while
> buying in Dar Es Salaam, it was the transitional period from what one
> might say was moving time from feudal to modern. The hand held scale
> was in use in all the classic stores and areas like a bazaar but was
> being phased out fast. You know, gold was measured that way: the arm
> held out, the scale dangling from fingers. It was like the sundial:
> accurate if positioned right. There were but a few cash registers and
> fancier scales. It was all held in the hand of time and it was
> comforting. I trusted that truth which in many ways is no longer here.
> In a way that is the historical process we practice . . . held in the
> hand of time. It is the method of our material.
> Jack Fulton
> On Mar 28, 2005, at 9:54 PM, Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:
> > I need a good starter scale or balance. I was looking at cheap ones at
> > Cynmar. Is 100g at 0.1 good enough for most alt processes? or should I
> > be
> > going bigger? Any brand recommendations, good or bad, would also be
> > appreciated i.e. what to avoid. Also, any thoughts on whether a
> > balance with
> > weights is better or worse than a electronic or digital scale for
> > weighing
> > out? Thx.
> >
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