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Date: 03/29/05-12:22:23 AM Z
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I've had a little Japanese scale, most likely brought here in the early
1950's and it can handle about 75 grams at the max is you're weighing
something like sodium thiosulfate crystals but if it's hydroquinone you
could never get that mass on the cup. My words are but a digression for
I love this small scale that I have used now for forty years. I'd think
your choice would work as well. There is something about a scale I find
wonderful in relation to the joy of photography. Many years ago, while
buying in Dar Es Salaam, it was the transitional period from what one
might say was moving time from feudal to modern. The hand held scale
was in use in all the classic stores and areas like a bazaar but was
being phased out fast. You know, gold was measured that way: the arm
held out, the scale dangling from fingers. It was like the sundial:
accurate if positioned right. There were but a few cash registers and
fancier scales. It was all held in the hand of time and it was
comforting. I trusted that truth which in many ways is no longer here.
In a way that is the historical process we practice . . . held in the
hand of time. It is the method of our material.
Jack Fulton

On Mar 28, 2005, at 9:54 PM, Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

> I need a good starter scale or balance. I was looking at cheap ones at
> Cynmar. Is 100g at 0.1 good enough for most alt processes? or should I
> be
> going bigger? Any brand recommendations, good or bad, would also be
> appreciated i.e. what to avoid. Also, any thoughts on whether a
> balance with
> weights is better or worse than a electronic or digital scale for
> weighing
> out? Thx.
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