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Giovanni, I have printed several gum over Vandykes. I found the gum emulsion
tended to bleach the Vandyke a bit but yes, you can use it instead of one of
the RGB's. I seem to remember that this printing was done in my CMYK
experimentation, and that I used it instead of K...I don't have an example
online at the moment, but as soon as my PC comes back from the technician
(again!!!!???? what the ?????) I'll scan and post an image on my website,
and send you the url.
The reason I didn't continue with this was that I didn't like the results
with the work I was doing at the time.
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> Thanks,
> That's why I am looking for some help.
> Yes, the van dyke process changes a lot the gum colors.
> With cyano there is no problem, Wang article works perfect
> (
> But can it be done with Van Dyke?
> I mean changing the "RGB" to 3 new primaries and one is a the Van Dyke-
> define on photoshop as a R(75) G(34) B(32)? or whatever but we need to
> the other two gum colors (color theory).
> Does it make sense to you?
> Giovanni
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> > Giovanni and Jon--
> >
> > Yes, I am here. I was going to point Giovanni to my image when I read
> Jon's message.
> >
> > I've used gum over VanDyke quite a bit although not recently. I found
> that the gum seemed to change the look of the VanDyke. Perhaps I should
> mention that for my combination prints I printed both the positive and the
> negative of the image (one in VanDyke and the other in gum). I never
> to get "full color" using the two processes. I'll be interested to hear
> what you do.
> >
> > Suzanne Izzo
> >
> >
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