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That's why I am looking for some help.
Yes, the van dyke process changes a lot the gum colors.
With cyano there is no problem, Wang article works perfect
But can it be done with Van Dyke?
I mean changing the "RGB" to 3 new primaries and one is a the Van Dyke-
define on photoshop as a R(75) G(34) B(32)? or whatever but we need to find
the other two gum colors (color theory).
Does it make sense to you?

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> Giovanni and Jon--
> Yes, I am here. I was going to point Giovanni to my image when I read
Jon's message.
> I've used gum over VanDyke quite a bit although not recently. I found
that the gum seemed to change the look of the VanDyke. Perhaps I should
mention that for my combination prints I printed both the positive and the
negative of the image (one in VanDyke and the other in gum). I never tried
to get "full color" using the two processes. I'll be interested to hear
what you do.
> Suzanne Izzo
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