Salted paper

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Date: 03/27/05-01:51:41 AM Z
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Hi all:

Today I have carried out two impressions of Salted Paper. The paper was
already prepared from the month of January with the following saline


280 cc. water

2 gr. gelatin

12 gr. sodium citrato

6 gr. chloride amonium


The solution of silver nitrate:


30 cc. water

4 gr. silver nitrate


it was also prepared from the month of January.


As a result, the two impressions don't hardly have contrast, the color is
yellowish lousy, etc. etc.


What can it have happened?.

Can it be had wornout the chemistry?

The chemistry of the salted one or the silver nitrate?.


Thank you.


Pardon for my English: text translated by computer.
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