Re: How to super harden papers?

From: John Cremati ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/26/05-11:48:34 PM Z
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   Are you sure that maximum swelling occurs at pH 8.4? It
seems to me that swelling continues to increase on either
side of the isoelectric point of the gelatin. Also, pH 4.7
seems to me rather too low for photographic gelatin as found
in printing paper although it might be right for the gelatin
used to make carbon tissue.

Richard Knoppow
Hi Rich,
       The information I got was from" Photographic Emulsions Technique" by
T. Thorne Baker  second edition 1948.  Unfortunately I just  jotted it  down
as a note in the book while I was reading it .    I could not find where it
came from with in the book with out re reading it and I do not have the time
to do so right now.................. I have been using those parameters for
my experiments ever since so I hope that I made the note in context
John Cremati
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