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> From: "Gordon J. Holtslander" <>
> Subject: Re: New to the List . . .
> Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 23:15:14 -0600
>> If you filter use:
>> Reply-to:
>> as the key phrase. All alt-photo mail uses this,
>> regardless of who it is
>> from.
> I don't think this header line is a good idea, because
> when I tried
> last time, the list server kept the original Reply-To line
> when
> specified by the poster, which I think is a good
> implementation.
> Instead, I'd use in To
> or Cc lines,
> or, "alt-photo-process mailing list" in Comments header
> line. I use
> both these rules because some people post to the list
> through blind
> carbon copy or other means of blind recipient list (not
> really
> advisable practice though some people do it anyway).
> As a test, I added Reply-To line so check this out. (Try
> to reply to
> this post to see what happens.)
> --
> Ryuji Suzuki
  As it happens I use the To field for filtering this list.
It seems to work well.
  I don't think the filter setting affects the way the mail
client addresses replys. In the case of Outlook Express, it
seems to look for the Reply To field. In most messages from
the list this contains the list address. You have added your
own address for this message, so Reply will put only your
address in the To field of the outgoing message. When I
choose Reply All, it has your address, Gordon's address, and
the List address. Normally, this puts the List address in
twice. Ideally, the Reply function would send only to the
list, Reply all to the list and the original poster, the
reverse of what it does now. I normally have to cut and
paste to do this. I think some of the other lists I am on do
work this way. Again, changing this function would require
changing what the list puts in the header. Perhaps this is
what Ryuji is getting after.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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