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From: Ryuji Suzuki ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/24/05-11:53:32 PM Z
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From: "Gordon J. Holtslander" <>
Subject: Re: New to the List . . .
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 23:15:14 -0600

> If you filter use:
> Reply-to:
> as the key phrase. All alt-photo mail uses this, regardless of who it is
> from.

I don't think this header line is a good idea, because when I tried
last time, the list server kept the original Reply-To line when
specified by the poster, which I think is a good implementation.

Instead, I'd use in To or Cc lines,
or, "alt-photo-process mailing list" in Comments header line. I use
both these rules because some people post to the list through blind
carbon copy or other means of blind recipient list (not really
advisable practice though some people do it anyway).

As a test, I added Reply-To line so check this out. (Try to reply to
this post to see what happens.)

Ryuji Suzuki
"Well, believing is all right, just don't let the wrong people know
what it's all about." (Bob Dylan, Need a Woman, 1982)
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