Re: Restoration of the tri-color camera. An update.

Date: 03/17/05-10:56:31 AM Z
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Congrats on the ebay win...the cost of restoring the original looked like a
real obstacle (not insurmountable but damn inconvenient) but this seems to help
you along.

I've been watching this thread with interest...I saw an article in one of the
OLD issues of American Photographer (before it became a girlie magazine) that
described the process and it has always seemed fascinating. I've always
been tempted to do some speration type original negs with what I believe is
called the Harris Shutter technique but there never seems to be enough time.
Getting back to that old article, it looked like the three-color was a standard
method of producing color magazine cover shots back in "the day"...I think the
subject being photographed in the illustrations accompanying the article was
Tex Ritter or Hopalong Cassidy or some other movie cowboy of similar vintage.
If I can find the article, I'll try to find a way to pass it along.

best and good luck

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