Restoration of the tri-color camera. An update.

From: Sandy King ^lt;sanking@CLEMSON.EDU>
Date: 03/17/05-10:46:50 AM Z
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In an update to previous communications about a project to restore a
5X7 National tri-color camera I have a short report.

1. The gift camera arrived and as expected will require quite a bit
of restoration. I have calculated that if I were to buy the
replacement parts needed for full restoration the cost would be $1k
or more.

2. Last evening I won an auction on ebay for a similar 5X7 National
tri-color camera for what I consider to be a very attractive price.
The camera appears to be in excellent condition, with the filters
and pellicle mirrors already in place, and 21 film holders, Assuming
that the filters and mirrors are in reasonable condition, as I was
told, this should allow me to actually start making negatives and
printing with this old system much sooner.

And I will investigate ways to build my own parts for restoration of
the gift camera to make the project economically practical.

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