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I think its a matter of semantics. Those prints made without a lens or
pinhole are called, by me, photograms or Ray-o-graphs or Shadowgraphs. But I
would agree that it is a form of photography. The Xerox process depends on
the photoelectric effect to produce an electrically charged area on a drum
as the result of the image projected on the drum. Inside the machine is a
lens. It is like a fixed focus camera. The drum is where film normally would
be paced. The heat is used. Carbon dust (which is electrically charged) is
attracted to certain areas of the drum depending on the charge on the drum
due to the photoelectric effect. Glue is mixed with the carbon which melts
due to heat so that it can fix the carbon onto paper that comes in contact
with the drum.

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&gt; &gt;&gt;Well I will add my two cents on this one as well.
&gt;If you go back to the origin of the word it means writing with light.
&gt;So, to make a photograph you need a lens or a pin hole to form an image
&gt;on a
&gt;photosensitive surface so that a record can be made.
&gt;Thus a xerox is a photograph as is a silver/gelatin print or a digital
&gt;Sorry. No, Bob. You need neither lens nor pinhole to make a
&gt;photograph. I've seen plenty of very nice photographs made without
&gt;benefit of lens, pinhole, zone plate, camera.
&gt;And while a xerox utilizes light in the process, my limited
&gt;understanding of this electrostatic process is that another type of
&gt;energy is required to form the image. The image is fused thermally
&gt;isn't it? Heat and light and static electricity are not the same. I
&gt;can take the xerographic pigment and sprinkle it on the paper substrate
&gt;and flood that combination all day with light and it will not form an
&gt;We refer to that thermal and electrostatic copying process as
&gt;&quot;xerography&quot; not photography.
&gt;Why not call a spade, a spade?
&gt;As General Jack D. Ripper might say: &quot;I've given it a lot of
&gt;Major. Don't think I haven't...Purity and Essence.&quot;
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