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Date: 03/16/05-04:56:47 PM Z
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>From: Peter Marshall <>
>Date: Wed Mar 16 15:16:48 CST 2005
>Subject: Helpful hint for 2200 & Ultrafine

For a while I was having problems getting Ultrafine OHP film to feed thru my Epson 2200. I just read some printers have a "electric eye" which senses if there is paper in the tray before it will try to load it. Seems some OHP file is so transparent the "electric eye" can't see it and assumes there is no paper in the tray. It suggested taking a black Sharpie and drawing a line right at the leading edge of the film in order that it can be seen.

I made a 1/8" line across the leading edge and now it loads just fine. FYI.

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