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>From: Richard Sullivan <>
>Date: Wed Mar 16 09:27:53 CST 2005
>Subject: Re: The value of the handmade

>To change the subject slightly, I recently found a comopany, Caseys Page Mill, which makes a vellum-like material used by screen printers to make positives from an ink-jet AND copier. I sense the paper would not know the diffenence between a positive and a negative. The paper seems quite strong and the price is right. 250 sheets of 8.5 X 14 = $50.00.

They also have a product called Caseys' Ultra Black which is sprayed on the translucency which dissolves laser or copy machine tones and makes for a more solid black.

The site is It appears they have distributors worldwide.

PS. I have no connection with the company and have not used the product.

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