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Interesting analogy.

I'm thinken.


>Dick said:
> To me there is a sense of sterility to the "perfect"
>inkjet image.
>A careful appraisal of a "perfect" digital print side by side with a
>colour phhotograph will reveal a curious flatness in the image. I liken
>this to the difference between a vinyl L.P. and a CD recording.......whe
>you use a system that turns information either "on" or off" a lot of the
>rich nuances are lost in the mechanical process. No amount of
>post-production tweaking can return them to the work.
>P.S. those faked brush edges???? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was asked to give a
>workshop at an australian university. One of the paricipants showed me a
>"bum" VDB print...she said it was all right, she was going to scan it
>and use the edges, as she had been instructed (horrors), to give extra
>authenticity to her digital prints...........
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