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Dick said:

 To me there is a sense of sterility to the "perfect"
inkjet image.

A careful appraisal of a "perfect" digital print side by side with a
colour phhotograph will reveal a curious flatness in the image. I liken
this to the difference between a vinyl L.P. and a CD recording.......whe
you use a system that turns information either "on" or off" a lot of the
rich nuances are lost in the mechanical process. No amount of
post-production tweaking can return them to the work.

P.S. those faked brush edges???? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was asked to give a
workshop at an australian university. One of the paricipants showed me a
"bum" VDB print...she said it was all right, she was going to scan it
and use the edges, as she had been instructed (horrors), to give extra
authenticity to her digital prints...........

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