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Date: 03/15/05-01:12:46 PM Z
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On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Sandy King wrote:

> It would also be better, IMO, that members report messages that they find
> objectionable directly to the list minders rather than take matters into
> their own hand and complain to the list. The list minder(s) would then take

That seems a reasonable rule -- too bad you didn't apply it when a
"complaint" about me started the whole recent ruckus, but landed on me (in
an INAPPROPRIATE manner) instead. This whole episode could have been
avoided at either point.

> The idea that we simply allow the list to play out its conflicts is in my
> opinion a very bad one. It may work ok in lists that are relatively small and
> where the members have different personality profiles than some of the core
> members of this list. Here, however, we can clearly see that option is not
> working very well, unless you idea of working is what we have seen recently.

As a matter of fact, the particular list friend had in mind was much
busier than this one, he said.

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