Re: Does paper get "bad" in time?

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Date: 03/15/05-01:07:35 PM Z
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On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Sam Wang wrote:
> Yes, I've found exactly the same thing. It appears that something in the
> atmosphere destroys the sizing as well as change the color of the paper.
> It seems that storing paper away from light and from air-born
> contaminant would do quite a lot in preventing the change. However,
> would the same type of change happen to printed paper?

David Aldera, paper buyer at NY Central, once told me that the gelatin
ages out within a few years. However, I have often used paper I gelatin
sized years ago and found it perfectly fine... It's possible that
home-sized paper doesn't age the same way -- maybe it's the hardening we
give it !

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