RE: Does paper get "bad" in time?

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I have noticed the same thing with Gallery 100, Arches Platine, and ...
many. The edges show the worst deterioration. I have been able to avoid it
causing me trouble by using those sheets as test and work my way into my
good part of the pile. It could very well be a humidity issue slowly
changing the sizing and /or introducing pH change with environmental
contaminates. I recall several years back when some ones printing when off
due to an air freshener that his wife put into the air cleaner.

It may be that plastic bags are the way to go. The last shipments of
Bergger COT 320 in 20x24 were shipped just like silver printing paper; black
bag and all.

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> Hi Cor,
> Yes, I've found exactly the same thing. It appears that something in the
> atmosphere destroys the sizing as well as change the color of the paper.
> It seems that storing paper away from light and from air-born contaminant
> would do quite a lot in preventing the change. However, would the same
> type of change happen to printed paper?
> Sam
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am printing some cyanotypes tests right now on left-over pieces of
> Simili Japon. These pieces are at least 2 years old, and have been stored
> in an ordinary enveloppe on different locations. I notice that these
> pieces are affected by something. The coating looks normal, but after
> exposure especially the edges look mottled, and when washed you see that
> at the edges the blue colour comes through the paper (when looking at the
> back of the paper). It's as if the sizing has affected over time. I also
> can make out the shape of the piece which was on top (in the storage
> enveloppe)of the test piece, this shape prints darker. The affected edges
> do not clear well, and stay greenish. I have also seen this with Canson
> Fonteney?
> >
> >Have other people observed this, and how should you properly store paper?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Best,
> >
> >Cor
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