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Date: 03/14/05-02:43:55 AM Z
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On Sun, 13 Mar 2005, Kate M wrote:

> Katherine, et al.,this thread been very interesting to me - I always
> shrink paper with very hot water, and have had troubles such as you
> describe, particularly with Arches, but also with Hahnemuhle printmaking
> paper that was probably sized the same way. This explains why I was
> having to size between printings with Arches paper, and now I'm using
> Saunders Waterford, don't have the same problems. I size with gelatine
> and formaldehyde.

The books always say to shrink in very hot water, which we always did --
yet we only had the speckling in the conditions I mentioned. However,
FWIW, I'll add that I tested a LONG soak in room temp water and found the
shrinking was identical.

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